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Unlock! – In Pursuit of the White Rabbit

Escape game in a box

We finally delved into a new Unlock box. This time we take a look at the hardest game, In Pursuit of the White Rabbit. A story based on Alice in Wonderland.


This is the unfinished manuscript of an astonishing adventure I have in mind. It is entitled ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Please, help me write an end to it… and help Alice out of the mess I so maliciously got her into…

Lewis Carroll


I am all for creators mixing things up and this is what they do with this chapter of the Unlock series. The game mixes the use of the front and back of cards, a story booklet and the app to play the game. It’s billed as hard and therefore the timer starts at 90 minutes instead of the usual 60. The game uses some cool AR technology as part of the puzzles and there are some times where some of the puzzles work really well. The problem is, this is when the fun part of this game stops. The game is hard because half of the time it doesn’t make sense. Some of the leaps of logic are frankly, absurd. We actually got to the end at a limp as some many of the puzzles required such abstract thinking that we actually resorted to finding the solutions booklet. It is beyond the worst of the Unlock games we have played so far. We’ve not experienced any other of their games to be this poor. It left us frustrated by the time we had come to the end.


Designed to be in keeping with the whimsical world of Wonderland, the illustration does its part very well. A number of the puzzles also come within the illustrations and they do work but often are too hidden. Its almost like the designer and illustrator tried to be so clever that it made it almost impossible to complete. Visually great but that’s about it.


By far the worst Unlock game we’ve played. So poor that if it had been the first game we’d have played we may never have played another. It tries to be too clever for its own good and instead ends of collapsing in on itself. We don’t recommend it.

Theme *****

Design *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****


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