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The Insiders

Online/Print and Play escape game

As we continue into lock down, we finally get round to reviewing one of the most talked about games in 2020, The Insiders from Deadlocked Escape Rooms


The Wexell Corporation has a problem right now. There’s a mole in the company, working against us with some very sensitive information and we need YOU to find out who’s been sneaking around where they shouldn’t.

Go solo or gather your closest confidants to take down THE INSIDERS before they go world-wide.

The Insiders is a unique, play-at-home escape room spanning across multiple days, and 3 ‘episodes’ of approximately 90 minutes each. Story-heavy, immersive, with oodles of challenging content, designed by us to keep you playing for hours at a time!


The first thing we must say is that if you are looking for a game that provides more value for money than any other game out there, click here and don’t bother reading any further! The Insider comes in three parts and each will give you a good two hours of entertainment. The puzzles within the game are varied and, at times, non-linear which gives you more than enough to keep your team going at any one time. We played it as a pair and found there would have been more than enough to share around for a team of four.

It’s a game that has given me real mixed emotions. I loved it, but hated it all in equal measure. I need to explain a little more about what I mean I think. It was a lot of fun but, at times, bloody hard (I’m looking at you machine!). If you are looking for something that will wile away a few hours without really taxing your brain, this isn’t the game for you. It makes you work for every victory and in return, you feel very good about yourself when you do. I’ve already mentioned the machine. I won’t go into details but when we had defeated it, we felt a huge sense of pride and achievement, very similar to taking on and beating some of the hardest physical rooms.

The game throws so many puzzle styles at you, it’s like a smorgasbord. There’s plenty of observation, research, logic and some good old cutting and sticking! There is also some very impressive use of computer aided games and puzzles. Part 1 and 2 bring the largest variety with part three bringing less individual puzzles.

We’ve quickly developed a disliking for Google Street View puzzles in escape games during lock down. They seem to have become the Sudoku of the online world. We found one in The Insiders and, out of the whole 6 hours of puzzles, it’s the only one we didn’t enjoy. Although the idea fits in with the story, we used it for a substantial portion of the game in comparison to other puzzles. Compared to everything else that had been created for the game (and there’s a lot), this felt far less creative.

So, why does the game come in three parts? We weren’t sure to begin with but having attempted to play part one and two together, it became quiet apparent. Simply, there is so much to do in each part your brain needs a rest. It would be like going into 6 escape games back to back, without a break. You need 24-48 hours recovery time, believe us!


The design of The Insiders is second to none. Every inch of this game has been designed with precision. The story, characters, flow and look are top notch. It’s clear that this has been a real labour of love and the look and feel really shows this. Every game created by Deadlocked fits into the theme of the Wexell Corportion, I don’t know how they manage to seamlessly tie everything together but The Insiders works so well in the Wexell world.


What. A. Game. Enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure. This is the Moriarty to everyone’s escape room Sherlock. It will get the better of you but ultimately you’ll come out triumphant. It’s a real roller coaster of a game but one you really need to ride. If there Reading rooms are anything like this, we will be queuing by the door the first day they open when this lock down shenanigans ends

Theme *****

Design *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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