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My Dearest Emily – Panic Rooms

Online Escape Game

The Panic Rooms have been working hard to provide people with a range of games during lock down. We took on a very different type of game.


My Dearest Emily is the puzzle-filled tale of a young couple John and Emily who were separated during the Oklahoma land rush in the USA in 1889. Months go by and John sends his letters back home to his dearest Emily.


The game, as you’d probably guessed, is based around a series of letters that take you through a whole year. I guess, the idea of basing a game around a particular concept can have limitations to what you can do with it. Puzzles can only be created that you might find within the containment of a letter. Although the game does it’s best to vary the puzzles as much as they can, we found that many of them followed a similar theme. We also found that they were often labour intensive which slowed the pace of the game.

The story of this game is very different to any we’ve played before. It’s less of an escape theme and more of a love story which play out across the backdrop of American History. The Oklahoma land rush is probably something you know little about, so it gives you a bit of a history lesson in the process. The down side to this is there is a lot of writing. The game does a good job of offering an audio of each letter being read aloud by Emily but, as I’ve previously stated, it slows the flow of the game considerably.


The game is web based and uses the template of an old letter for each puzzle. There are some really lovely illustrations that make up some of the puzzles and the aesthetic of the game fits with the era. Our only gripe is that, at times, the font is tricky to read and the letter template is rather pixelated which lets it down at times. It doesn’t effect the overall gameplay though.


Although we applaud Panic Rooms for trying something a little different it didn’t quite hit the spot for us. We prefer a game with a little more variety and a little more pace

Theme *****

Design *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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