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Escape Room Durham: Mr X

An online treasure hunt

Although not strictly an escape room, Escape Room Durham have created an online treasure hunt to keep us puzzle solvers happy. Whats more, it’s totally free to play and will easily fill an hour of your day while staying at home. So, what’s it all about?


“Agent, our HQ is shut down, and we are all having to work from home!

Despite this, we are still being taunted by Mr X.

We need to track this dangerous individual, firstly we need to find out his Surname.

Can you take on the job? 

He is taunting us with cryptic clues. We think solving these will lead to his name. We’ll be here to help along the way!


The important thing to remember here is that this isn’t an escape room, its a series of word puzzles that require you to search using the internet to make progress. What the game does do is make you think. These word puzzles require lateral thinking (and a little knowledge of the world) in order to make your way through the 6 different puzzles. The beauty of this is that it utilises technology really well. I don’t know if I’ve ever had so many aha moments playing a play at home game but I smiled all the way through at the cheeky use of real life and the attention to detail you have to pay in order to make progress. It’s genuinely a very clever game that really shows how creative Escape Room Durham are. I enjoyed it so much, I challenge them to do some more!

Each puzzle comes with a hint which sheds light on the very cryptic puzzles. For those not local to Durham, these come in handy to help zone you into where you may need to look at certain points in the game. If the hint doesn’t help then you can message them on Facebook and they’ll even provide you with extra hints!


It feels a little tough to talk about design. Escape Room Durham have put together a game to help people stay at home during this Coronavirus crisis. It means that the whole game runs through their website. There is some design put in here but only for it to be functional. There isn’t any whistles and bells, but there doesn’t need to be. There is a clear use of different fonts and it’s obvious that they have really thought about how they make it fun and easy to use.


This was a lot of fun. For most people this will be a good hour of entertainment. It’s not the easiest game you will play but it’s also not the hardest. It’s just clever, free fun! We loved it! You can play the game at

Theme *****

Design *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****