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Unlock! – Insert Coin

Escape game in a box

Having played the hardest of the set, we decided to play the easiest in the hope that it fared batter than the last.


It’s been raining for hours and your phone battery is now flat. This day doesn’t look too good unless… Hey! you know a way to kill boredom: you just have to climb up the ladder to the attic where your grandpa’s dusty old arcade machine is stored.


Insert Coin is classed as the easier of the Heroic Adventures box. It seems that the box set of games follow a very similar rule, there is always one that’s more aimed at families and can be completed by a younger audience. This doesn’t make the game less fun. In fact, this is the one, out of all the games we’ve played in the Unlock series we have enjoyed the most. The game is a mixture between an escape game and a retro 80s video game. It flows pretty well and the only times we came a little unstuck, the app gave us a little help. What makes this game stand out from others is its integrated use of AR. Here, the game really comes into its own and really added another dimension to the fun. With this, it meant that we were never quiet sure what was coming next and what new, inventive ways the AR would add to the games. We found that as we played we had smiles on our faces at how inventive it was. It’s almost like Unlock have discovered their second generation game.


The design of this is fantastic. The who game looks like an 8 bit adventure and really pulls on those nostalgic enough to remember them originally. The design takes all the best bits of the games you remember as a kid. There are nods to Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, Mario and so much more as you make your way through the game. It’s like the Wreck Ralph of escape games. The visuals of the game are so important to its theme and here, they hit the nail on the head.


This has to be the best Unlock we’ve played so far. If you are going at it for difficulty then steer clear but if you are playing for out and out fun, this is the one for you. A really pleasurable hour.

Theme *****

Design *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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