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Mansion: Impossible – Panic Rooms

Online Escape Game

Mansion Impossible is the first family orientated online game from The Panic Rooms. Solely played online, your job is to investigate the goings on inside the mansion.


Hello there spooky explorers! You heard of an abandoned mansion somewhere out in the woods and finally, you found it, mist rolls in across the grounds and the front gate slams shut behind you.

You are greeted by a strange but friendly ghost…Go say hi and start your adventure!


Mansion: Impossible is a fun ghost story without the scares. Designed to be suitable for the whole family, it does a great job of mixing easier and harder puzzles so that there was something for everyone. We found that their elements of the game we breezed through but others we did have to use some of our brain matter. The game play wasn’t too easy and gave us a fun experience. Sometimes we like a game that doesn’t overly tax us as long as the gameplay is enjoyable. This is what we found here. There is a nice mix of puzzles and these are a all in keeping with the overall theme.


A really well designed game and the graphics and puzzles give you the feeling that you are inside the mansion. There are some clever hidden illustrations that support gameplay and the visuals really add to the overall feel of the game. A really good fun hour for the family


Outside of the CSI range of games, this is probably our favourite Panic Rooms online game. Very much aimed at the whole family, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves inside the mansion.

Theme *****

Design *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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