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The Enchanted Forest – Break Escape

Game 5

This was our final trip to Break Escape as we got to experience their newest game, The Enchanted Forest. Having heard nothing but good things about the room, we couldn’t wait to get in and see what it was all about!


A portal has been discovered that leads through to another world. The realm is under the control of a dark enchantress, and the forest sleeps. Can you wake it, and find a rare blue gem before the enchantress and make your escape?!


The Enchanted Forest is a very non-linear game. The beauty of it is that there is so much to do you will always be able find something to keep your group occupied. We did this room as a group of four and found that splitting into groups of 2 or, at times working on things on our own was the way forward. The game offers a huge amount of variety in its puzzles. There is a great mix of logic, visual, mathematical, physical, skill and word puzzles meaning there is something in the room for every skills set. The beauty of the room is that although it is non-linear for the most part, you can always tell you are making progress. Each puzzle gives a definitive end and it becomes clear early on the aim of, at least, the first element of the main room. I would even argue that there is so much to do, if you didn’t discuss what you did with others and avoided the puzzles you had completed the first time, you could play it more than once and have a totally different experience.

After the initial start (which is a wonderful beginning), don’t feel disheartened that it will take a little while to get into your stride. All of the first phase puzzles for the room are available to you, it’s just simply working out what goes with what. It took us a good 6 or 7 minutes once in the room to begin to group things together in order to begin solving puzzles.

Phase three of the room brought yet more wonderful surprises and a really nice touch. Again, the theme and story were brought well into play and it was a nice change of pace and a nice variety of puzzles that help bring the room to a climax. It was almost like you had been presented with a new room! Everything in this game has been so meticulously thought through. There is not a single puzzle I didn’t like and not a single moment I didn’t enjoy.

I haven’t mentioned the start yet. The entrance to the room is one of the more unique we’ve played and certainly gave us the wow factor. There is also a really amazing way to reach the main room. I’ll give nothing away but it still my favourite way of progressing through a story and I’m amazed no one had done it before. There was certainly a squeal of excitement from our group when we realised just what it was!

One of the unique elements of the The Enchanted Forest was the side mission that became part of the game. Embedded into the room were physical puzzles that enabled the group to obtain precious lifestones (golden golf balls). Obtaining these would reduce you final time, as long as you escaped within 60 minutes. Each ball took off three minutes of your time. We decided to avoid these and concentrated on the important puzzles. The owners, Tom and Jak, came to see us at the end and showed us how to complete each puzzle. It’s all in the technique is all we will say.

Don’t get me wrong, this room is hard. Like, really hard, but there were two clue systems in play in the room. Throughout, a very wise and helpful owl provided us with hints and tips. There was also the occasional appearance from the Enchantress herself but how I will keep a mystery.


Every single element was so in keeping with the theme and the attention to detail was phenomenal. There were so many new and unique elements to the set design it would be impossible for me to list them all. The room was stunning and I would go as far to say as one of the best examples of room design we have seen so far. I cannot praise Break Escape enough for the craftsmanship and creativity that has gone into planning and delivering such an immersive experience. Even if you suck at Escape Rooms, it’s worth the visit to The Enchanted Forest just to marvel at their handiwork.


By far the most immersive, detailed and complete escape room we have ever done. Also, the hardest escape room we have ever done. If this is the direction Break Escape are heading with any future rooms then they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. It is clear that the owners, Jak and Tom, have a passion for the industry and this shines through in their design, puzzles and overall theme. If there were Escape Room awards, this should win all of them! You NEED to book this room, and now! ESCAPED: 58.31

Theme *****

Decor *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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