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Captain Kidd’s Treasure – Escape Party

Children’s escape party print and play

A brand new escape party company has hit the online market in time for lockdown. Escape Party have launched with their first game, Captain Kidd’s Treasure and will be bringing another very soon. The game, aimed at those aged 8 and up has a pirate theme and we (as a family of 2 adults, a 7 and a 9 year old) set it up one afternoon to play as a team.


The year is 1699, the golden age of piracy, and the players are cutthroat pirates sailing the seas searching for gold. Having been given the chance to escape the life of piracy, by finding Captain William Kidd’s hidden treasure, the pirates head to his ship to begin their quest. As they enter the ships cabin the door slams behind them and they’re trapped…

Will they escape Captain Kidd’s ship, and can they find his hidden treasure and escape the life of piracy?


Don’t be fooled by the name of the company. Although this would make a great party for any child, this is also an excellent way to entertain you and the family for an hour. The game relies on you to be able to print the game in full colour. Black and white will not work here as the game heavily relies on colour. It does mean you’ll need plenty of colour in your printer as there are 28 pages to the game play, not including additional instructions.

The game is split over 4 parts and everything you gather over parts 1,2 and 3 are needed to bring your game to a rousing finale. There are a number of puzzles that comprise each section and each are well laid out, understandable and fun to complete. I’d argue that the puzzles in challenge one are usual puzzle book types but as it’s designed for children in mind, these are the kind of puzzles they will get their teeth stuck into. Once past challenge one things start to get interesting. There is a genuinely clever map puzzle and the reuse of things from challenge one that makes a nice change to other print and plays. The gameplay in challenge 4 is particularly inventive and brings an element of physicality to the game. I won’t give too much away but we put the Nerf guns to good use!

The beauty of the game is that it doesn’t need an adult as GM. We decided to play it without having one and the companies website offers a place to enter answers and also hints for each puzzle. Checking the answers online negates the need for a GM and means you can all join in together. Again, unlike many print and plays, this is a really unique element and meant we really could enjoy it as a family.


The game has a huge amount of detail. I don’t think there is a single white space on any of the game pages. This means the game looks fantastic but also means that you are going to use a lot of printer ink. I’m torn between if the game limits its appeal because of the use of colour or if I applaud the designers from not scrimping on design to make it look fantastic. We’ve certainly played print and plays that are pure black and white but to have colour and it be such a vital part of the game is actually a really nice change. Be aware that due to colour, those who may suffer from colour blindness will need help. There’s a huge amount of work gone into making it look right and it certainly pays off here.


We had a very enjoyable hour playing Captain Kidd’s Treasure. The whole experience was pitched just right for its target audience and was engaging for everyone. Yes, kids at the lower end of the age range will certainly need help from an adult but who doesn’t love getting involved in an escape game right?

You can buy Captain Kidd’s Treasure here. At the time of writing, the game costs £15 to download. It also gives you access to a designer’s kit so you can tweak and change elements of the game to suit your own family.

Escaped: 51:56

Theme *****

Design *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

Please note: We did not pay to play this experience but this did not influence our review.

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