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Unlock! – Squeak and Sausage

Escape game in a box

Profesor Noside returns in the Squeak and Sausage adventure. Whereas most of the companies escape games follow a new theme, Noside seems to be their original, reoccurring villain and he’s back up to no good!


Blasted Professor Noside! Once again, your old enemy has stirred up an evil plan, but you have courageously slipped into his headquarters to prevent it. While you wander in the corridors of this old shack, a trap door opens beneath your feet and you fall into a dark and damp dungeon. Your screams will not help you: you’re prisoners of the professor. The world is lost forever… Unless you get out of here and sabotage the plans of Noside. You are our last hope. 


This is the second Professor Noside adventure we’ve played. The good news is that the quality and gameplay is still good. If anything, this adventure is a step up from the last. Once again, you must thwart the Professor before your time runs out. It does rely a little more on the traditional hidden numbers than previous games but if you’ve played previous games then you’ll be adept at looking for these anyway. The content is very family friendly and can easily be accessed by everyone. The game flows well. The only sticking point we found was down to our inability to add up correctly rather than anything else. The signposting in the game is pretty well incorporated and the game on the whole make sense. There is one section where a puzzle seems a little pointless but doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the game. Unlike some of the other Unlock games, this one relies less on the app for its puzzles. Most are done with the cards and the app supports gameplay as usual.


The game design and illustration fits the usual Noside stories. The illustrations also find some fiendish ways to hide numbers and even bring back some retro objects which you will definitely need to explain to your children. The design does well with what it has to play with as a story. On the whole, the story is limited but the illustration brings it to life well.


It’s not our favourite game but is certainly a solid chapter in the Unlock series. The game tries to bring an exciting storyline but it is simple and therefore doesn’t build as much excitement as others. Still, a good game and will provide an hours entertainment for a family.

Theme *****

Design *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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