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Sacred – Letsxcape

Game 37

Sacred is the newest game from Letsxcape and, if we are honest, one we knew very little about. The Rig had taken the headlines and that was our must play. With the opportunity arising to also play Sacred, we decided that we might as well. Boy, are we glad we did!


SECRETS lie hidden within the depths and recesses of Kelham’s great monastic halls; whisperings between resident monks of dark deeds cut short by an Abbot’s glare.

Something has certainly gone terribly wrong at Kelham Hall but will you answer Father Frederick’s call for help as one of his own has VANISHED!

Unseen for days young Novice Tobius is missing and the worst is feared. Father Frederick has asked you to search areas of the great monastery for clues to his whereabouts and bring back the truth.

He claims this is now your SACRED mission.

As you enter this ancient and holy site you become the HERO in this epic adventure.


The beauty of both games at Letsxscape is that they are totally different. The Rig offers a more physical challenge whereas Sacred requires more of your thinking capacity and offers a far more cryptic game. Still linear, the game play flows just as beautifully as The Rig. Just like its predecessor, the game takes place over a ever expanding environment. One of the things that Letsxscape seems to do well is signposting and again, there is a really well laid out game that finds you moving from one puzzle to another with very little need for the GMs intervention. Although a more mental game, there is a smattering of physical and observation puzzles to keep everyone entertained. The website suggests that this game would be suited for a minimum of 3 players. For teams that may be newer to the industry, there would be an advantage to this but for those of you that are old hat at this game now, teams of 2 will be able to get through the large amount this game throws at you. We felt the game play and puzzles were a step up from The Rig. We also felt it was the hardest of the two games we played. It’s not considerably harder but it will certainly require your brainpower.

One of the things that really stands out with this game is its unique theme. We’ve not yet encountered a game that uses a religious context in this way. Don’t worry, atheists won’t set on fire if you enter, it is purely a vehicle for the story, and it really is a well told story. I won’t give anything away at all but it plays out like a really exciting thriller with a twist that you may never expect, but it certainly ramps up the tension as the game reaches its climax. Just like The Rig, the game constantly refers you back to the story you are living and the game is better for it.

On the whole puzzles in Sacred fit the theme. There is one that potentially sticks out as a little out of place but it’s location means it can be forgiven for being a little different. It’s fun, just not entirely in keeping with the game. This doesn’t mean that it takes anything away from it at all. The other unique element to the game is the way you need to ask for clues. I’ll keep that a secret but it made us chuckle!


We thought the decor for The Rig was good but the quality of the finish here is superb. It genuinely feels like you’ve stepped back into the Kelham Hall monastery of the past. Everything in here feels authentic but when you come across something that feels new, the design makes it feel real. Some of the scenic art work in this game is the best that we’ve seen in all the games we’ve played. I was astonished at the end of the game to find that what genuine looked like wood panelling wasn’t. The level of detail here really makes the game. To create such an authentic atmosphere really does add to this game. It’s very difficult to get a theme like this right but Letsxcape have hit the nail on the head. A perfect atmosphere that not only supports but also elevates the game.


We came to Letsxcape to play The Rig and it was a last minute decision to also play Sacred. We are so glad we did because both are excellent games but for us, Sacred piped it. For us to prefer a more metal game over a physical game is a rarity for us and hopefully shows just how good we thought Sacred was.

Escaped: 46:12 having taken two clues.

Theme *****

Decor *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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