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Unlock! – The Noside Story

Escape game in a box

It was on a visit to No Way Out in Rutland that we decided to take the plunge with an Escape Room box from Space Cowboy. We’d seen them before but had steered clear as they were more expensive than others. Our first was their Secret Adventures collection which contained the games A Noside Story, Tombstone Express and The Adventurers of Oz.

A Noside Story


A thick smoke lingers over the region. Another dirty trick of Noside? Stop him before it’s too late.


The game works in a similar way to an escape room in the sense that you must solve a puzzle that will provide answer to move on your game. This is done through a series of cards. A numerical answer allows you to take a card with that number and therefore make more progress. The game also includes a mobile app that work as a timer and clue system as well as some of game’s puzzles.

The Noside Story is classed as the easiest of the three and for the majority of the game there is a clear pathway. There were a couple of occasions where the solution was a little left field and this meant we needed to collect a hint in order to know where to go next. The game is on the easier side and means that it can be played as a family. In fact, having played it as a pair, we played it again with our 6, 7 and 12 year old and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Unlike some of the further games in the Unlock series, this version relies a lot less on the app than other games. It’s a solid game in the series and one that would be a good starter for those that haven’t played it before.


The games cartoon style is very appealing to families. It’s clear font and images means that it’s accessible to younger and older alike. There are a couple of moments in the game’s design that means it can make identifying things a little tricky but the app will give you a hint if you get stuck.


A good solid game that will give beginners a good, solid intro to the series and an enjoyable game for those more experienced.

Theme *****

Design *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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