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Framed! – One Way Out

Game 26

As part of our One Way Out double header we took on their take of a murder mystery, Framed!


Talented and somewhat eccentric musician Charlie Lagami is celebrating a big birthday with family and friends.

You arrive to join in the fun only to find the place deserted, all the guests dispersed and Charlie in quite a state, dead in fact.

Charlie has just managed to leave some clues as to the attacker’s identity. Can you eliminate the innocent, reveal the culprit and get the hell out of there before the detectives arrive? Or will you be caught with blood on your hands?

You have 70 minutes. The clock is ticking…


It seems that One Way Out are the masters of non-linear rooms as this one, along with Gas Alert! bring open gameplay. What is amazing it that these rooms have been built having only played one escape room. The beauty of this is that the rooms then have a different approach to them. Here, there are elements of the game that you wouldn’t see in other games. In fact, there is one visual puzzle that outlines many of the hidden objects in the room and if you haven’t found them all by this point, it adds a really nice dimension that almost helps you catch up. We don’t recall ever seeing this before.

The game brings another great mixture of puzzle styles. There are several observation puzzles, some searching and another mix of word, logic and number puzzles and many of these give the players ah ha moments and sense of achievement as the game goes on. The gameplay is woven into the decor beautifully and this give the game a real feel. Puzzles are all logical and well signposted on the whole although there were a couple of moments where you had multiple locks and it was a case of trial and error. Just like Gas Alert! the game was hard. We found this one more difficult that Gas Alert! but that may have been that this was game three of the day and with the previous game really testing our brain we could have been tired. We managed to make some simple mistakes with number puzzles that did hold us up and our observation skills weren’t at their sharpest.

The added element to this game was the fact that it was a murder mystery. It’s the first of it’s kind we have played and it was a really nice added layer to not only have to solve puzzles to escape but to also have to eliminate suspects as part of the game. Eliminating suspects came with a nice mix of difficulty. Some were simple to link while others took a multi step approach.

Framed! was a joy to play and even amidst our tiredness was a lot of fun and a game that will stick in the memory for some time for its style and content.


Designed to look like the house of the Charlie Lagami, this could be one of the most realistic and authentic rooms we have played. It’s clear that no expense has been spared with the creation of the room and that it really does transform you into their world. Every prop and item fitted beautifully and there were some moments, due to the design that really did catch us by surprise. One moment in particular that resulted in me trying to stop an inevitable mess! Because of the way the game was laid out, it meant that there were touches in here that were less noticeable at first glance but upon closer inspection, you realise what looked normal was actually an important part of the room and the gameplay. One other thing to mention here, that kind of fits with decor, is the added side quest that comes with the room is cake! Yes, you heard me right, actual cake! You are turning up to a birthday party after all. This is hidden in the decor as part of the game and if you can find it in the time available, it’s yours to enjoy. If you escape in less than 70 minutes, you can even have the remaining time to try and find it! It’s a quirky but enjoyable little extra that shows how One Way Out goes that extra mile


From the character filled intro, the puzzles, decor and the cake, Framed! is a truly wonderful game and one that will challenge the maximum number of players due to the sheer amount there is to do. It’s a joy to play and really makes you work hard to escape. One Way Out is a little gem of an escape room and one that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. We can’t wait to return and try out their other offerings.

Escaped: 67:07 with a handful of clues and some cake!

Theme *****

Decor *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

Note: we weren’t charged for this escape room but that in no way influenced our review.

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