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Prometheus – Escape Stations

Game 22

Escape Stations is a brand new venture in the centre of Nottingham and we were lucky enough to be invited to play test their first ever game, Prometheus.

It is important to highlight here that we played a very early version of the game and things will certainly change before it opens to the public.


Inspired by the myths of Ancient Greece, our first game invites explorers to uncover the mysterious of a what appears to be a dormant temple, but are there secrets to uncover?
We transport you to Greece where a hotel development has been halted allowing you and your crack team access to what you believe to be a site of cultural significance.

Can you use your surroundings and skill to gain entrance to the mountainside? Will you face and conquer trials set by the God’s or even Zeus himself? Kudos awaits the brave.


Being an old Greek taverna in the centre of Nottingham, it’s only fitting that Escape Stations first game was based around the Greek myth of Prometheus. The game play flows really nicely and is a linear/non linear game. There are a series of task you need to complete in order to make progress through the game. Each task has a linearity to it but overall can be completed in any order. Each of those sections comes together beautifully in order for the legend of Prometheus to come to life. We particularly enjoy games that have a physical element to them. Prometheus has these in abundance. In fact, a large proportion of the game had some physical aspect to solving a problem or puzzle. The game also brought a nice mix of logic and word puzzles. Maths puzzles were lacking but as they usually scramble my brain I am more than happy with that!

There are some really lovely teamwork elements in the game. At several points your group needs to be in more than one location in order to solve problems and this brought hilarity due to my inability to describe symbols very well. They’re all Greek to me!

We made good progress through the game and it is signposted well enough that those who have played a few rooms will be able to make progress without too much frustration. I think we only took a couple of clues and they were down to a couple of search fails by ourselves. There was one particular moment that I won’t spoil where one action creates multiple reactions, a nice twist. The game isn’t overly difficult and this is a good game from enthusiasts to get their teeth into but also a good entry level game for those who are new to escaping. If you are experienced and looking for a game to introduce others to without the fear of not escaping, this is a definite place to head to.


Decor is a tricky one to write about as the owners were still tinkering with the design and some elements were missing. We fully expected this and it didn’t detract from the experience. There are too distinct themes here and the decor fits both. The Greek temple certainly gives you the feeling of being in somewhere from the past and when it is finished in its entirety, it will look fantastic. The building site on the first half of the game is also going to look great when the owners finish decorating it in the way they want to. It certainly immerses you into the world they want to create.


It’s great to see another new venture opening up in the Midlands and talking to Thomas, the owner, after we played it’s clear he has grand plans for the place. Prometheus is a great start for a first game and seeing the space he has to play with for other games, it’s certainly a company to keep an eye on. Nottingham is slowly becoming the city to visit for your escape weekends away.

Escaped: 42 minutes

Theme *****

Decor *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

Please not we did not pay to play the game but this did not influence our review.

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