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The Christmas Cheer Challenge – Break Escape

Game 18

It’s been a while since I have had the chance to play a new game at Break Escape but, with their new Christmas room opening there was no better reason than to give it a go. Hey, it’s November but that’s Christmas season right?!


Santa’s behind on his deliveries and needs more Christmas Spirit to power his sleigh. You as elves in his workshop must find the secret formula for Christmas Spirit and find as much Christmas Cheer as you can before the clock strikes 12 midnight!
Can you and your team make the Christmas Spirit in time to spur Santa on, and gather as much Christmas cheer as you can before your time runs out?!


The first thing to say here is that this is a proper escape room. I’d wrongly assumed that as it was a Christmas room and, in theory, it has a limited appeal each year, that it would be a cheesy, easy to play, festive bit of fun. How wrong I was. This is a proper escape room. It has some really decent puzzles and a really nice mix to boot. Designed to be accessible for the whole family, there is something for everyone to get there teeth into. It’s also a game with a slightly unusual twist. It’s has a 100% escape rate. Here, it’s not about if you escape but more about how well. The room comes in two parts, the first, the need to fix the elves machine in order to be able to create more Christmas spirit. The second part is about collecting as much Christmas cheer as you can in order to convert to Christmas Spirit. Uniquely, the first part of the game is the only thing you need to do to escape. The collection of Christmas cheer is optional and the puzzles you need to crack to gain cheer increase in difficult. Here, it makes it a little difficult to give it a difficulty rating. The initial machine puzzles aren’t too difficult on the whole but the second half really does get the brain matter working. Progress in the game is made really clear as the machine reacts that what you do. There are some really nice touches and things that the kids will really enjoy. In addition, some hidden surprises and at least one moment that I’ve never seen in an escape room before. The room has a good mixture of physical, logic and observation puzzles as well as a good amount of searching. Some are genuinely clever and make you smile when you eventually work them out. As you make your way through the cheer puzzles, the very fitting Tinsel the elf updates you on the percentage of cheer you’ve collected. Collecting 100% cheer will be a real challenge, even for enthusiasts. There is no messing here, Break Escape have created a room that really does have a level of difficulty that can differentiate depending on your level of experience, without taking away the enjoyment. You also get your money’s worth because, unless you finish all the cheer puzzles early (unlikely), you’ll get your full 60 minutes, something many enthusiasts haven’t done for some time!


The room is amazing! Some Christmas rooms you can see how it has been made on a budget. Break Escape have splashed some serious cash on the room and the result is something very complete. The quality of what they have done really does immerse you in a Christmas fantasy. Every prop and puzzle has been carefully considered in order to give a real feel to the room. You can even dress up too! If this room doesn’t get you into the Christmas spirit then you might as well give up on Christmas completely! Beautifully designed and beautifully themed and a really great addition to the line up already available at Break Escape.


Another great game for the whole family. If you are looking for a Christmas room that will challenge and enchant you then look no further. This is the perfect addition to your Christmas.

Escaped: 60:00 with 75% cheer collected

Theme *****

Decor *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty (main game) *****

Difficulty (Cheer) *****

Overall *****

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