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Old Father Time – The Panic Rooms

Game 17

I love impromptu escape games and this was one of them. Being half an hour from The Panic Rooms and suddenly having a free evening it was time to play our first room at one of their venues.


It’s New Year’s Eve and Old Father Time – The master of the most powerful force of nature – has gone missing! Without him, the clocks won’t reset at midnight and the sands of time will run out – permanently!

The effects have already started – the forest creatures have started turning to stone, and in 60 minutes, the waves of time will cease to ripple and the rest of the world will follow suit! Start a new chapter and work together to explore a beautiful tree cabin straight from the pages of a fantasy novel to discover the secrets inside. A mystical fairy tale escape room awaits where time is more important than ever!


The Game Center’s around a storybook, one that cleverly helps to tell the story you are playing out. Not only does it do a great job at immersing you in the story, it also helps to show the amount of progress you are making through the game. The game is a mix tide of linear and non linear and flows beautifully. There are several aha moments and nothing within the gameplay feels forced or out of place. The puzzles are wide ranging and, as the website states, fairly accessible for children aged 8 and up. There is a frustrating sound puzzle but once you take a step back and take it in it becomes less complicated than you first think. The room provides a countdown clock and both audio and visual clues. If I was to give one piece of advice, don’t overthink things. Often the answer can be as simple as it first seems.


The room real feels like you have entered a fairytale. The decor is perfectly themed and really well done. The nice thing about the room is that, although the theme is thorough, there are distinct areas that work beautifully together. The decor does a superb job of immersing you in the world your are playing in. We really struggle to fault it. If we were nitpicking, there is one prop that can move (although it shouldn’t) and reveals a large selection of wires and extension plugs. It didn’t ruin the game in the slightest, we were worried we might have pulled out something important in the game. Thankfully we didn’t! A beautiful room and one that it perfectly tailored for families.


If you are looking for a game for the whole family this is a perfect one to play. There are puzzles for all ages and the family can really enjoy this together. Puzzles are not overly difficult and it’s a very fun and entertaining hour.

Escaped: 30:42

Theme *****

Decor *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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