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The Outfitters – Hatton Escape Rooms

Game 11

As part of our escape room double header, we played the second game to makes its move from Tulley’s, The Outfitters.


It’s 1926 here in Chicago, and depression is still rife. Jobs are few and far between and the Prohibition has been in force for six years now. Everyone still drinks, nothin’ has changed. But now the mob control the streets, the supply and the money. The influence of the Outfit is far reaching. Most of the cops are even under their control. Who can put them in the joint? You can, that’s who.

The Commissioner has put together a special task force of straight, trusted cops and you’re on the team. You’ve spent the last few months infiltrating their network and now tonight is the night to get the evidence you need to put them away forever. But it won’t be easy, your cover might be blown!

Do you have what it takes?


There seems to be a similar format to the way that Hatton (Tulley’s) rooms work. You begin in the first room of the game for your intro and then you can begin to search as soon as the time begins. I previously mentioned in my Mutiny review that this can bring some issues with members of the group wanting to search before the intro video ends, here can be a similar issue. But, the advantage is that you can get straight on having already surveyed the land as soon as that timer starts. The game gives you some very quick wins and because of this, you feel like you are making immediate progress. The first section can be a little cramped for large groups and we found we did fall over each other as a 6 to begin with but the idea is to move out of the first area fairly swiftly into a much more expansive game. The game can be tackled by 2 people but as with other Tulley’s games, this could be a big ask. We’d recommend a minimum of 3 or 4 for this room.

The gameplay here is less frantic than Mutiny. There is more thinking to do in this space and it requires less physical activity. There is still a a lot to do and it takes place over a pretty vast area which resulted in us having to assign tasks to team members in different rooms while other worked on different puzzles. One of the nice elements to the game is that there is a need for searching that will result in collecting a number of items that really don’t come together until the end of the game. It’s very much a case of remembering where you put them all and a less organised group can easily lose one somewhere on the way.

Puzzles were varied. Some of them were your standard escape room faire but it also offered some alternatives to the norm. There was a really nice pub themed puzzle which required team members to work together. It was superbly themed and created a real moment of interaction between the team. There isn’t a single puzzle in the room that makes you think it’s there to bridge a gap, everything fits its surrounding and doesn’t make you question why it might be there.

As for a clue system, the room employs a voice over. Kudos to our host Karin who, not only allowed us to play the room trial and error, only helping when we really needed it, but she did it in a perfect Chicago gangster voice!


No expensive has been spared on the design of this room (like we should be suprised!) I think the shop front at the start of the game has the plushest carpet I’ve ever seen in an escape room. Once the game expands, the attention to details is extraordinary. You feel that you’ve really stepped into 1920s Chicago. The sourcing of the props they have in here must have been a nightmare as every details was exact. I don’t want to give away too much detail but you can see the real passion for these rooms in the way that they have been built as well as the painstaking work that has gone into the recreation of the era.


Although maybe not as exciting to play as the venue’s other game Mutiny, this is still a very solid experience and ranks up there as one of the top games we have played. It’s puzzles, theme and decor marry together perfectly to create a seamless experience. There is no doubt that these guys are at the top of their game and are one of the companies to look up to in the industry.

Escaped: 38:27 minutes

DISCLAIMER: We did not pay to play this room but this in no way affects our opinion of the room.

Theme *****

Decor *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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