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VX 2.0 – Trapp’d Kettering

Game 9

It’s not often that you get the chance to try out an escape room that you know very little about. VX 2.0 was one of these occasions. Having only been open for 3 weeks, we were invited to go and try out their most advanced game to date and we certainly weren’t disappointed.


In 1950, on our home soil, a destructive chemical called Venomous Agent X (VX) was created to wipe out millions of lives and was soon to be used in wars from 1950 to 1988. Up until 1993, when the Chemical Weapons Convention banned the chemical for heinous activities. Although the horrific chemical managed to slip through the cracks of society…

It’s now 2040 and you and your covert team have been prepped and issued a mission of the utmost importance. A life or death assignment; to infiltrate the underground Russian warfare base run by Vadik Novikoff whom has recently launched a test strike on China using a chemical weapon thought to be VX. However our intelligence has informed us of the rumoured reproduction of the chemical known know only as VX 2.0 and is now the deadliest, most destructive chemical warfare weapon of all time! If the VX 2.0 is released it could spark a world war and obliterate countries in mere hours.

Its time to shut down the operation. this is the last chance for International peace so its down to you and your squad to retrieve VX 2.0 from the underground facility, and return it to the UK for disposal. You have 60 minutes until Vadik Novikoff returns with his troops and subverts the mission. Be quick and think fast, the fate of the world is in your hands…


Having been welcomed and briefed by the wonderful Tilly we were thrown straight into the game. This room has a pretty decent footprint and, although linear, still has a real feel of adventure. Our host boasted that the room only contains one padlock. Strictly this is true although, we could quibble over another but on the whole the room has some really inventive ways in which to provide you with the information to progress through the game. Set in 2040, it’s clear the designers have considered some genuinely clever ways in which for you to interact with the room.

The room has a couple of clue systems in play. One is a unique experience to us where as another uses a tannoy system. The way it is used is totally in keeping with the theme of the room and only adds to the immersive experience. There is a good mix of puzzles in play in the room including physical, mental and skill. Again, some of these are very unique and offer something different to the things we’ve played before. There are a number of really inventive ideas which take a traditional puzzle idea and give it a new twist to make them feel very fresh. We played this game as a three and found there was enough in the room to keep us busy for the duration of the game. If there is a larger group, particularly enthusiasts, you might find there is a couple of occasions where people are left twiddling their thumbs. Even so, sharing out the puzzles will certainly give anyone a real sense of excitement but you might find the room feels a little light on puzzles. The other joy of this room is that every single puzzle fits with the theme and there was no point we felt we were doing something for the sake of doing it. There was one particular highlight that resulted in retrieving a couple of keys in a really inventive way. The number of objects may have been overkill and could probably have one less on either side but was a very fun and interactive way of solving a puzzle.


Once you’ve passed the first room, there is a real sense of the future. Don’t get me wrong, the theme of the whole game is excellent and fits perfectly with the story. There is a really wonderful use of technology that is incorporated to add to the feel and is implemented in such a wonderful way. Being set in 2040, the technological element has to be evident and it really is. The beauty is that it isn’t just there for the sake of being there. The technology is intertwined beautifully to become part of the immersive atmosphere they have created. We couldn’t fault the level of detail that had been incorporated into the room and it certainly makes us want to explore more of what Trapp’d has to offer at Kettering as well as at its other sites too.


What a thoroughly wonderful experience is was at Trapp’d! It’s always great to find hidden gems that don’t get the limelight that some other companies do but Trapp’d has really made us want to return and try all of there other games. We cannot recommend them enough. To date, this has been one of our favourite games. If you are looking for an enjoyable but challenging experience, Trapp’d is the place for you! Escaped: 59:29

DISCLAIMER: We did not pay to play this room but this in no way affects our opinion of the room.

Theme *****

Decor *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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