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Boiling Point – Break Escape

Game 1

Loughborough’s Break Escape is the location for our review today. Boiling Point is one of 4 games they have at present and is by far their most mentally challenging game.


You and your team are tasked with defusing a bomb planted deep inside a police station. Hold your nerve, be patient, but also react quickly to make sure Boiling Point doesn’t get the better of you! You must hurry before time runs out and find the evidence to make your escape.

From the very moment you arrive at Break Escape, it’s clear that they take this business very seriously. The quality of the customer service and game play is next to none and we left feeling like we had been given a complete experience from beginning to end. We played the game as a team of 6 and the nature of the game meant we were all busy for the whole time. We found our groove and each person settled into a role that ultimately helped us all escape.


The one element that I enjoyed about Boiling Point is that there are two parts to the escape. Getting out is one thing, but getting out alive is another. You have to successfully complete two objective overall to escape and there is a very satisfying feeling as you gather everything you need that you’ve collected along your journey.

As I mentioned previously, this is a very mental room. There is a huge amount of thinking and, although there are several types of puzzles, much of it requires you to piece together a lot that you have collected in order to make a successful escape. There are some real ‘aha’ moments in this room and there is great use of one room triggering another, making it more interesting as you travel from different locations within the police station. The room uses humour really well but sometimes you have to search for it. The clue system for the room, using an office computer, also brings a unique experience. I think it varies depending on the GM you have but were certainly provided with a few good laughs.


With it being set in a Police station its very difficult to make it look whimsical and large scale. What Break Escape have done is create something that looks authentically like a police station. All of the props and furniture suit the theme perfectly and really make you feel you are in the real thing. There’s some props in the room that you are more than welcome to wear that even make you look the part.


A real solid escape room from Break Escape. The overall theme and game play were excellent and, although a difficult room, allowed us to feel like we made progress and didn’t stand around with nothing to do. If you prefer something that will challenge you mentally, this is definitely the room for you. Escaped in 52:49

Theme *****

Decor *****

Gameplay *****

Difficulty *****

Overall *****

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